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About Amy Wolf (oh hey, that's me!)


~ Hi! ~


I am an Austin native.  I developed a passion for photography in high school working for the school newspaper and yearbook.  I graduated from The University of Texas with a major in linguistics and a minor in psychology. 


Post college, I started working at a local studio where I had an opportunity to hone my craft. While there, I developed a few extra skills in graphic design and art direction.  


During the weekdays, I focus my attention to  real estate photography.  Evenings and weekends, I reserve for portraits and event photography. 


I love when my clients bring me their experiences and share a bit of what makes them unique.  I feel that the clients' input drives the shoot and will help create an enjoyable experience that will not be forgotten and will truly express their beauty.  


Please fill out the contact page for more information about my photography. 


Thank you,




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