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Special Note about rates: Session rates are based on not just the time it takes to take the photo but also on the pre & post production of the images. This rate reflects the quality of images that you will receive.  The digital images received in a portrait session are the finished product and not the original files and represent the photographer's unique style of portraiture. 

Hourly Portrait Session Rate $170/hr 
Starting at $170/hr (**Available for Austin Area and within 20 mile radius of Austin ONLY, 

Excellent for Families, Engagements or Personal Sessions needing more than 1 outfit 

(San Antonio & Dallas Areas Travel Fees Apply, minimum 2 hrs)

1 hour minimum, in Austin Area Only

2 hour minimum, San Antonio or Dallas


  • 50-100 Proofs/hr

  • 2 outfit changes per/hr

  • 15 High resolution digital images/hr with basic facial retouching 

Mini Session (30 minutes)

Starting at $98 (for 30 minute individual portrait sessions, **Available for Austin Area and within 15 mile radius of Austin ONLY)

This session is designed for the individual needing professional or personal headshots. Whether it's starting a new career or jumping into the dating scene or looking for digital content,  this is an affordable portrait session option that is a great start to any new endeavor.


  • 30 minute session  

  • 1 outfit (For additional outfits, See Hourly Portrait Session Rates)

  • Multiple Poses 

  • 30-50 proof images

  • receive 5 high resolution digital images all with basic facial retouching. 

Product Photography

This session is ideal for commercial, product or branding purposes.

  • Can be either product photography or personal branding

  • Full studio access and lighting

Use the contact form to inquire about setting up your studio session. Times and dates subject to studio availability. 

**Hair Stylist (HS) and Make Up Artist (MUA)


It is recommended clients booking for portraits sessions come ready with their hair and makeup already done whether it is done by them or a professional.


Professional HS and MUA may be requested upon scheduling for any individual portrait session.  If requested, the photographer may coordinate these services for the client.  HS and MUA fees are separate from the session fee and an additional administrative fee ($20) will be added to the client's portrait session for coordinating these added services.   It is highly encouraged that clients who would like these additional services book on their own prior to their scheduled portrait session. 


Basic Facial Retouching 


All Individual Portraits/Head shots include basic facial retouching. Basic facial retouching is cleaning up of unexpected blemishes and smoothing out of skin tones. Any additional photoshop requests need to be discussed and additional fees may apply.

Event Photography

Events must be a minimum of 2 hours.

(San Antonio & Dallas Areas Travel Fees Apply)

Events can include, but not limited to, special occasions such as baby showers, family reunions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras and corporate events/parties. Travel fees apply for San Antonio and Dallas areas. Booking fee is required to confirm event date.  All event rates are for a single photographer. The use of a second photographer may be available upon request. Email to inquire for additional rates to include a second photographer.


  • Half day rate 2-4 hours is $340-$680 

  • Full day rate 4-8 hours is $680-$1360

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots can be scheduled at your office!

Use the contact form to inquire about setting up your company's corporate head shots. Or try the book online tool to see availability and schedule. 

Real Estate

$170 per residence below 2500 sq ft. Residences above 2500 sq ft are $2  per 100 sq ft above 2500.  Receive 40-60 HDR images next day.

What to wear for your session...
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In general, wear something you feel confident, comfortable, and attractive in. That positive energy will show in your photos.  The following recommendations are a starting point for those who are uncertain about what to wear for a photo shoot.  Individual expression in clothing and styling is encouraged and may not follow every or any of the recommendations mentioned below. 


Headshots/Portraits Recommendations

Stick to solid colors. Avoid anything too detailed in pattern or anything with stripes, they tend to distract from the face and can even fight the camera creating a moiré effect, where the image results in a wavy color pattern not represented in that actual fabric.   Hounds tooth or tight pin stripes may also have this effect.

Wear colors that compliment skin tones. Jewel tones tend to look good on most everyone and can help make the photos pop.  Avoid colors that are too similar to skin tone, to prevent blending in or washing out the face. 


Avoid overpowering colors, such as hot pinks or neon yellows, which may fight the camera resulting in a loss of detail in the image.


Use texture. Texture in an outfit can add interest to a portrait or headshot.


Use Layers. Layers, such as a light jacket (casual or professional, depending on the session type) interest..


Avoid ill fitted clothing. Anything too tight or too baggy will show and may even seem exaggerated in photos.

For acting headshots, wearing a shirt with a more open neckline such as a simple v-neck, will draw the viewer's eye to the face. 

Avoid any words or logos in clothing choices unless the purpose of the photo session is to represent/promote a company's specific brand. 

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